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Our People

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Our People

ZhiJun Liu - Managing Director

Managing DirectorAs Managing Director of Yuanda Australia, ZhiJun Liu is charged with advancing Yuanda Australia's commitment to exploring innovative ways to meet the evolving challenges of the Australian building industry. Originally from China, Liu graduated from Shenyang Artchitectural and Engineering College and has since gained over 14 years of industry experience. 

Kevin Will - Construction Manager - NSW & WA

Kevin Will

Kevin Will is Construction Manager (NSW & WA) at Yuanda Australia and has been a member of the team since 2011. He has over 34 years of industry experience, which he draws on to ensure the smooth roll out of projects. Kevin holds a Certificate IV Building Work (Curtain Wall and Window System).

Walter Bond - Construction Manager - VIC

Walter has more than ten years of experience with Yuanda, specialising in the management of the supply and installation of facades on high rise buildings.

Paul Harding - Construction Manager - QLD

Paul is highly experienced with a background of more than 30 years overseeing major, multi-million dollar residential and commercial projects including banking centres, hospitals, educational facilities and mixed-use retail and office complexes.

David Rees - Contract Manager

David is a proven expert in Claims Management and Administration with 32 years global experience in pre and post execution activities across multiple industries and sectors. He specialises in Project Managament suport services including estimating, estimate reviews, unit rate analysis and bench marking.


Omar Al-Omar - Estimating Manager

Omar has more than 15 years of professional experience in the defence, security and construction industry as a consultant engineer and regional director. Highly motivated and focused, Omar has been involved in the preparation and review of contracts, business development and management of teams to delivery projects of varying complexity and value.


Wendy Liu - Financial Manager

Accounting Manager

Wendy joined Yuanda Australia in 2012, with responsibility for the company's financial operations, accounting and human resource management. Prior to this, she worked for 10 years for the Yuanda Group in China as Accounting Manager in the finance department, then as Associate Audit Manager in the Global Audit Division.  
Wendy holds a Bachelor of Accounting from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China.

Mark Mauang - Senior Project Manager

Mark have more than 20 years commerical experience in development, construction management and project delivery roles. He co-ordinates and manages Yuanda's projects including in the establishment, design and construction stages.


Christiaan Lombard - Senior Project Manager

Christiaan is an experienced Project Manager who worked with all types of facades over the past decade. He has worked on large projects in Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

John Houston - Senior Project Manager

John Houston has an extensive background in construction management, quality assurance, project planning and design of which he brings to his role as Project Manager within Yuanda Australia. John prides himself on his dedication to maintaining first rate quality and safety standards and boasts a track record of improving efficiency, maximising profits and minimising costs on project deliverables. Among other qualifications, John holds a Diploma in both Project Management and Occupational Health and Safety. 


Rith Nguon - Project Manager

Rith has a strong reputation for being able to successfully lead, co-orindate and manage projects to ensure they are delivered on time and on budget.

Luis Sanhueza - Project Manager

Luis has 20 years of experience in the buidlding construction industry, managing the design, fabrication and installation of architectural facade systems for commercial and industrial buildings including airports, hospitals, hotels, universities and train stations.

Leith Dixon - Design Manager

Leith has an intimate knowledge of design, planning, controlling and closing projects while delivering business value and satisfying stakeholders.

Derrick Yap - Senior Facade Engineer

Derrick has more than ten years experience in the construction industry, specialising in the development of new projects with a particular focus on cost efficient designs and ease of buildability. He is responsible for the design and engineering of the facade for new developments including commercial, residential and education sectors.


Paul Malabalan - Senior Facade Engineer

Paul is a Senior Façade Engineer at Yuanda, responsible for a wide range of design and engineering projects. With over 16 years' experience in civil/structural engineering and facade consultancy services on a broad range of local and international projects, Paul has extensive knowledge of various phases of façade design from concept to construction and site supervision.  He has worked on a selection of notable buildings in Australia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar.